feeling drunk when sober

Sober People Make Drinkers Feel Drunker

Content Origin Of Drunk Why Cant You Stop Drinking? Alter How You Drink History And Etymology For Drunk Responding To Alcohol Overdose: When you were drinking, alcohol may have been used as a coping mechanism for when things got complicated. Therefore, when you encounter problems, you might feel unable to cope as well as before. […]

alcohol induced seizure

Can Alcohol Cause Seizures?

Content Other Seizures How Does Alcohol Affect Epilepsy Medication? Seizures: Mitigating A Serious Alcohol Withdrawal Risk Alcohol Withdrawal Delirium Alcoholics And Seizures Different Types Of Seizures It’s important to address issues with heavy drinking in a medical environment rather than trying it on your own. Learn about the relationship between alcohol and seizures, and how […]